Van Keppel-Green

Hendrik Van Keppel and Taylor Green

VKG- 1949

Case Study House 1950 - Raphael Soriano

The Second Woman- 1950. Thanks Alex

VKG Neckties

Kenji Fujita

Kenji Fujita for Freeman Lederman

Kenji Fujita at SEIBO



La Gardo Tackett and Kenji Fujita

Tackett & Associates

Malcolm Leland / American Cement Company / Structures

American Cement Building, Los Angeles (1964) by architects Daniel Mann Johnson + Mendenhall 

Malcolm Leland designed the facade 

Photo: Curbed LA
A book that used to belong to Malcolm Leland. 
Structures - 1955, Italy

 Malcolm- LA, LA, San Diego

Ellipsoidal Ballroom Roof, New Baths, Chianciano (1952-53) 
by Architects Loretti and Marchi 
Structures- Page 81

Japanese Modern

Sori Yanagi

Isamu Kenmochi

Sori Yanagi

Life in a Chinese Kite

The Eames House via The Library of Congress

JBL / Alvin Lustig

1950 Catalog by Lustig

JBL C40 Harkness by Lustig 

JBL on Fletcher in Los Angeles
More here

GoGo Greta Grossman

Glenn of California bookshelf / room divider

Sherman Bertram

Peter Voulkos Bronze

Peter Voulkos “Lady Remington” Sculpture

Available at Reform

Greta Grossman: Project Moon Base

Project Moon Base (1953 Sci-Fi Movie) Thanks Alexander!

Greta Grossman Desk. Photo:Wright

Project Moon Base (1953)

Greta Grossman.  Nice Tony Paul candle holders too.

Mod Swap

Mod Swap


In: Barney Reid and Doyle Lane

Greta Grossman House-1948 and Now

Grossman Residence 1948 - Arts & Architecture

Rear: 1948- Arts & Architecture

Rear: 2011- Here via Modern San Diego

Street: Photo I took in 2004

Street: 2011 Here via Modern San Diego - Hardly Recognizable

1948- Arts & Architecture

There are a few hints of Grossman in the house today

At least she was spared seeing the "renovation"