Falkenstein Wallpaper

Claire Falkenstein wallpaper. 

LACMA / Conover / Chairs

There was a recent post on LACMA's blog "Unframed" that  
includes this Luther Conover chair, videos of John Kapel and 
Kay Sekimachi, and information on Sam Maloof.
The author of the post bought the Conover chair for $80!

Sori Yanagi

Sori Yanagi dies at 96
More here: LA Times

Merry Soleri from Arcosanti

Arcosanti, December 24th and 25th

Ceramic Studio, front

Ceramic Studio, back

The Sky Suite

Christmas morning sunrise

Bell chambers as room decorations

Arcosanti Cafe
Nobody was there, so it was operating on the honor system.

Special assembly bell in the Cafe

Rebar Christmas tree at the cafe

Learn more about Arcosanti and Paolo Soleri here: www.arcosanti.org

Ancient Woolley Discovered

Ellamarie and Jackson Woolley "Reflective Sun" at the Mingei International Museum
Leave it to Hampton to uncover this one deep inside storage at the San Diego Civic Center.  
He wrote about too. Check it out on Culture Lust

San Diego Civic Theater, ca. 1964. 
Photo: Courtesy of the San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture via Culture Lust


Rapson Inc., Boston
Ralph Rapson, Harry Bertoia, Eames Alan Gould, Paul Laszlo Pacific Iron, Knoll 

Rapson Inc., Boston
Alvin Lustig

Armin Richter, La Jolla
Irving Szabo, Alvar Aalto, Eames, Laverne, Bruno Mathsson

Design Center, San Diego
Luther Conover, Greta Grossman, Modern Color, Knoll, Van Keppel Green, Eames

Maurice Martine, South Laguna

Alexander Girard Shop

Alexander Girard's Fisher Road home/studio, Grosse Point, Michigan, 1940s 

Alexander Girard's Kercheval Place studio, Grosse Point, Michigan, 1940s
Alexander Girard, Eames, Isamu Noguchi, Knoll, Ray Komai  

Alexander Girard's Kercheval Place studio, Grosse Point, Michigan, 1940s 
Maurice Martine, Eames, Bill Lam, William Armbuster, Tony Paul,

Alexander Girard's Kercheval Place studio, Grosse Point, Michigan, 1940s 
Girard table, Don Knorr

Alexander Girard's Kercheval Place studio, Grosse Point, Michigan, 1940s 

Photos: ALEXANDER GIRARD by Todd Oldham & Kiera Coffee
This is a great book.

Hello Inco

Bad Inco redo- Through the window of a shop on Abbot Kinney in Venice

Grossman / X Mas

I might be OK with x mas if it had anything to do with this table. 

Grossman: Wright December 2011 Results

Greta Grossman, Glenn of California. Sold for $10,000
Photo: Wright

Greta Grossman double cobra lamp, Ralph O Smith. Sold for $12,500
It seems like the table would be worth more?
Photo: Wright

Wacky switch.
Photo: Wright

Noguchi Prototype: Sotheby's Important 20th Century Design December 2011

Isamu Noguchi, 1946 Chair Prototype, Sold for $182,500
Not a bad investment since it sold at Christie's for $72,500 in 2007 
Photo: Sotheby's

In 1946 William A.M. Burden hired Noguchi to design chairs and a table to be used in his house in Maine, by architect Wallace K Harrison.  Burden went went with Eames DCMs instead.  I'm all about Eames, but they wouldn't be my choice with this table. 
The Burden house burned to a crisp in 1999 and the only reason this chair is still around is because 
it was stashed away in storage. I've seen this chair in person and these pictures don't do it justice.  
I can't believe the guy who owned it actually let it go.  I guess the $100k profit makes it a little easier to part with. 
Photo: Sotheby's

Photo: NY Times

The Burden house was rebuilt in 2006
Photo: NY Times

Wright December 2011 Auction / 1951 MoMA Lamp Competition

Wright has a great collection of 1951 MoMA Lamp Competition winners at their December 15th Auction.
Heifetz produced 10 of the 15 winners and Wright has seven of them at the sale- not bad.
This is the Joseph Burnett reflector lamp.  It won first prize.
Photo: Wright

Robert Gage T-6-G model, honorable mention. They have three of these for sale. 
Photo: Wright

I want that tag!
Photo: Wright

A.W. and Marion Geller, honorable mention
Photo: Wright

Zahara Schatz, mention
Photo: Wright

James Harvey Crate T-C-3, third prize
Photo: Wright

Gilbert A. Watrous, special prize
Photo: Wright

John van Zwienen T-7-V, mention
Photo: Wright

One of the ones not at Wright
Anthony Ingolia, second prize
Photo: Interiors

Another missing model
Lester Geis, honorable mention
Photo: Interiors

The third missing model
Alexey Brodovitch, honorable mention
Photo: Interiors