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Pacific Iron Products


Wright Modern Design / Shopping List

EAMES prototype Radio
gift from charles eames to alexander girard

Organic design Chair

heywood wakefield made something cool

Don knorr

That's a good one

ESU 400-C


SAN / Art

Snapshot in Sculpture 1960's San Diego Midcentury Art
Dave Hampton curated an exhibit at the San Diego Airport - Terminal 2 Baggage Claim
Trip out on that Jean Balmer


Gleen of California y Muchas Mas
Source: La Opinion, 1959

Conover / Not

Lawrence Peabody fiberglass chair for Selig.
Not Luther Conover.  

Impostor stacking stools. 
Go back to Jersey you washerless feet thin tops!

The original Conover stools, like this set, are so much better. 

Offices / Pauls

Paul Frankl

Paul Laszlo

Photos: Maynard Parker

Luther Conover House

1947 drawing of a house Luther Conover designed for himself in Tiburon, Marin County, CA 
The actual house was built in 1956 and some changes were made to this design. 
Conover worked on the house with his architect friend Gale Taffinder. 

Sketches by Spencer Deverill
Source: Arts & Architecture, 1947

She Bangs the Drums / Balmer

Jean Balmer ceramic and rawhide drum. 

This is the coolest thing I've bought in a while... so cool I had to Instagram it.

House / Boats

Stucco boathouses located a couple blocks away from the beach, in Encinitas, CA.  

The SS Encinitas and SS Moonlight were built by architect Miles Kellogg in the late 1920s using old timber from the 
Moonlight beach dance house.  The dance house didn't make it through prohibition. Mile's dad was a sea captain.

They look so much cooler with the anchors and the pointy things. 

More information: Encinitas Historical Society

JBL / Paragon

JBL Paragon with some McIntosh tube equipment in Hideto Irikawa's house- Kamakura, Japan.
Source: Selectism

This Paragon was in the PST California Design exhibition at LACMA.
The Paragon was designed in Berkeley, CA by Arnold Wolf and made in Los Angeles, CA.
It was produced from 1957- 1983.


Museum of California Design 2012 AWARD BENEFIT and AUCTION 
Sunday, September 23, 2 PM to 5 PM Los Angeles, California  

The event will be honoring some of the artists whose work is included in the 
CALIFORNIA’S DESIGNING WOMEN 1896-1986 exhibit at the Autry: 

Marilyn Kay Austin
Renee Firestone
Arline Fisch
April Greiman
Judith Hendler
Gere Kavanaugh
Cher Pendarvis
Deborah Sussman

MOCAD's benefits are always excellent and take place at a great piece of architecture. In 2010 the event was  held at the 
Eames / Saairnen Case Study House 9 for John Entenza.  It's also a great group of people who attend. 
At past events I was able to meet David Cressey, Raul Coronel, Evelyn and 
Jerome Ackerman, and Julius Shulman- just to name a few. 
The auctions include some really good items and the proceeds fund the Museum of California Design.

More information about this weekend's event is available here.

Photo: Tanja M. Laden, LA Weekly

Arline Fisch
Marilyn Kay Austin
Photo: Susan Einstein

April Greiman
Source: Captain Beefy

Klaus Grabe / For Kids

It's a little one.

Eames Office

Eames dork paradise!

The current exhibition at the Eames Office is called "Essential Eames: The Design of Knowledge" 
It explores the educational philosophies of Charles and Ray Eames. 
It includes displays from the 1961 exhibition they designed, Mathematica.

IBM sponsored the original exhibition. 

The "Image Wall"

"Celestial Mechanics"


Probability, the scale model.

"History Wall"

Vintage splints for sale!
$650 isn't bad, especially considering they're coming straight from the source.

Vintage ephemera for sale!

Mathematica, the postcard
This was the entrance to the 1961 exhibition at the California Museum of Science and Industry.
Photo: Eames Office

For a description, images and a video on Mathematica, visit Eames Designs
There is also more information about the exhibition at the Eames Office
Photo: Eames Designs